A nice and warm living blanket / plaid may not missing in your interior.


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A nice and warm living blanket / plaid may not missing in your interior. - Shop beautiful linen plaids and Scandinavian living quilts from the new collection ☆new brands ☆personalized service ☆nice wrapped ☆quick delivery

A living quilt / plaid may not be missing in your interior

There are many differences in residential blankets / plaids, so you have the summer variant and a winter variant. The summer plaid is made of a lovely airy cotton or linen and will function a little more as a decorative material. A nice blanket over the couch or a design plaid in the lazy chair.


Well what material to take? A cotton blanket or a plaid can be used as well as all year round but a woolen plaid is likely to be used only in the fall / winter season and perhaps in early spring. And do I take a blanket with a print or do I take a plain plaid? The answer to this is how it is done with the home situation, love yourself with white and basics, then it doesn't matter to choose a beautiful residential blanket with print, but if you are a colorful person who is right in your interior, we would rather advise Choose a plain plaid to keep some rest. Brand new are the coarse linen plaids and living blankets with used look, the blankets with pompoms and Ibiza style are very popular too.


But, of course, we live in the Netherlands and in recent years the weather is quite a bit of a whim, but when it's summer it's very nice during the day, but in the evening it will be fresh, you can choose to fly in but with a summer blanket you can sit outside for a little longer and enjoy the summer season, because Inside we can still be long enough, but a summer blanket can really be a success.



Winters live with a nice thick residential blanket

In winter, the thicker plaids / living quilts are made of richer materials like wool coming out of the closet. Relax couche hanging  after a busy day at work with a nice soft thick plaid around you,  for example the House Doctor plaids in pink or ocher, these are nice warm and deliciously soft of material. Do you like more of a black and white decoration, we have of course something for everyone and from Hübsch we have a lot of beautiful black and white plaids. Shop the beautiful plaids online here.


But then, you are well under your blanket and you can not get rid of your place. There is a new "problem" because who is taking care of a delicious cup of tea with chocolate now you are enjoying yourself so much under the plaid?