The connecting factor and finishing touch is a generous carpet.


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The connecting factor and finishing touch is a generous carpet. - Floorers enrich the interior, look for beautiful and trendy carpets at ☆in stock ☆personal service ☆sharp prices ☆worldwide shipping

Rugs / carpets give your interior a real boost

A carpet or rug is basically easy to replace in the interior, but before it's finished, you have to make a choice in the wide range of online carpets. Are you looking for a carpet in the Ibiza style of the Danish Au Maison, a vintage carpet, a woolen carpet, or would you prefer a cool black and white carpet like, for example, the hit under House Doctor carpet, the carpet block.



Choose the right carpet with pets

Not every garment is suitable for pets, especially when there is a cozy dog ​​in the house, it is a bit wary. Then choose a low-grade carpet, or a carpet that can be washed like, for example, House Doctor Block and Stack carpet, these carpets are made of cotton and therefore easy to wash. However, after some washes the print will fade but who cares, the carpet will only get a nice used look or vintage look, nothing is wrong with it.


 Bloomingville's round seagrass carpet adjoins a botanical, rural and industrial device, and is easy to clean by sucking on a cloth and hanging on the clothesline for a while.



Carpets a party to buy or not?

Where the one will be a party to buy a new carpet, it will be a true drama for the other, because where to start?, Choice of stress?. For the one is interior and all about hobby, you like to change your interior, you are in shape, you have a sense of color and you always know the nicest flea market finds mixes with design purchases.


 The other has other qualities, because I am very convinced that every person has his qualities but unfortunately you do not bother so much in your area, and you find it difficult to orient to what you like or to choose from the wide range on carpets. What can, what is out of the blue, is it the right color, should it be a wool carpet, a big carpet or a modern carpet? And then it's just so nice to buy a carpet / rug online.

You can judge the carpet at home, is the carpet what you expected? In the online webshop you make your choice, in case you order, you can order multiple copies to see which dress suits the best. All purchases may be returned at all times. You have 2 weeks from receipt of the package and then 2 more weeks to send the package back.


 If that is not very nice, you might need just more time to get used to a new color or material. And in the 2 weeks you can look back and see the carpet again and again. What's also very useful is that you can experience the rug at different times, what does the color in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening mean? That's the great advantage of online shopping, only in this way you can experience the product in your own environment, so it's a good deal.


 If you do not really mind and feel stressed or you do not know whether the colors of your floor or the color of the wall match with the rug, please send a message to our customer service info @ with a photo in support. We love the interior and really help you.



Rugs not only beautiful but also practical

Rugs dress the house, give a warm and cozy feeling and also keep the feet warm during the winter period. But also for acoustics in the home, a carpet is very nice. Therefore, in addition to the eye catcher and hug feeling, there are also practical advantages of having a carpet, who would thought that?