Terms and Conditions


Den Hoorn Texel

KvK (The Dutch chamber of commerce) 53375157

Btw (vat) nr : NL002089339B54



The sending of products you’ve ordered will take place within 2 - 3 workdays ( in stock ) after reception of your payment.

When a product takes more to deliver, we will contact you after you have placed your order.

Unfortunately we can’t accept orders under € 8,95.



Customer is obliged to check the received product for damage, shortage or other perceptable shortcomings.

Possible shortcomings should immediately be noted by email to Livv Lifestyle, at the latest within 48 hours after reception of the package.

Incorrect adresses of deliverance are the responsibility of the customer and could lead to extra costs.


Orders will always be delivered with care within 30 days by Livv Lifestyle, except when a different time of delivery is indicated on our website.

In case this appears to be impossible because your order is no longer in stock or there is another reason for delay, the buyer will receive a notification from Livv Lifestyle within a month after your order, stating the buyer has the right to cancel the order without any costs or reason of cancelling.


The quoted prices don’t include the transport costs and the delivery. These costs are

mentioned exceptionally.

The quoted terms of delivery are not binding and are merely mentioned as indication. No delay can lead to cancelling your purchase or payment of damage compensation in benefit of the buyer, except in case of delay on purpose.

In the case of ordering a product which is not in stock, the buyer will receive notification of Livv Lifestyle with information when the product will persumably be on stock again, on the site we mention the expected time of delivery per product.

Mind you, this is an indication based on the fact that the product is still available at the supplier.

When your product is not delivered, you will retrieve your payment without interest or other reimbursements.


On the site of Livv Lifestyle there are periodes of delivery between 2-12 weeks. Once in the couple of months Livv Lifestyle places the orders at the suppliers in Denmark, this way it could happen one buyer receives their products within 1 or 2 weeks because we have just received the ordered products from Denmark.

But it could also be that we have just placed our order before the buyer’s order. This could mean that the buyer has to wait a month or so longer, before we place another order including the buyer’s.

We can give the buyer information on whether the ordered product is in stock, and when it is not Denmark will give us an indication when they think they will be able to deliver the product again. We will inform our customer in this case.

Delay will be communicated to the buyer by email as soon as Livv Lifestyle is informed by the supplier.


In the Netherlands our delivery is handled by Post.nl, therefore we use the same rates for sending as Post.nl.

We don’t send letterbox mail to countries outside the Netherlands, the reason for this is that we can’t trace the mail and is is not send insured.

Livv Lifestyle delivers for a basic rate of € 10,00 at a weight of 30 KG, but the sent costs are for each country different. You will receive an automatic reply by mail with a Track &Trace number. The package will be delivered in 1 attempt at the home adress requirering an autograph. After 1 attempts the package will return to Post.nl and there will be contact between Livv Lifestyle and the buyer. 

Packages for other countries are always send insured.



Basically no furniture is send abroad. In special cases we can look at the costs of transportation of furniture to countries outside the Netherlands. This will differ from country to country.



All prices are under reservation of misprints. Livv Lifestyle cannot be held accountable for these misprints.

Delivery costs are not incorporated into the prices, Livv Lifestyle follows the same rates as Post.nl.

For delivery outside of the Netherlands there are different rates, Livv Lifestyle will contact the buyer after the order on the transportation costs outside the Netherlands. Products on sale can't returned after purchase.


Our assortment is pictured and/or described clearly and genuinely and as completely as possible. When there is a limited validity in the offer, this limitation is clearly mentioned.

Every product information should be complete, so it is clear to the customers what rights and obligations it contains.

The product information mentions the price, the time of delivery, the payment requirements, the conditions of return, the possible delivery costs and other forms of service. The entrepeneur is obliged to deliver the product as communicated in the description, concerning the quality and the amount.



Exchanging products in countries outside the Netherlands is possible, within 15 days after receiving the product. The costs for sending will be paid by the buyer. This means that buyers outside of the Netherlands cannot return the products for free.


1. If a customer cancels an order, he/she owes Livv Lifestyle 30% of the purchase price. This percentage will be heightened up to 50% if a customer cancels after Livv Lifestyle informed a customer that part of, or the entire order will be delivered on very short notice.

2. These percentages are determined, unless Livv Lifestyle can point out that the damage is higher or the customer can justify the damage is lower.

3. Business clients can’t cancel their order.


It is always a pitty when a lifestyle product doesn’t meet up to your expectations. That is why customers can always return a product within 14 days of the purchase without further reason.

Register your return via the customer service form or via [email protected] or make an return request at your account, do not forget to mention your full name and the invoice number and any reason for the return.

The products need to be returned in original packaging, with labels and obviously not used or damaged.I recommend that fragile products or products with a high resale value be returned insured and keep the proof of shipment (returns are the responsibility of the customer).

Customers should always include a copy of the invoice when a product is returned. When a customer neglects to include this copy, there is a chance the process of return is delayed substantially.

Pay attention :

The shipping costs for returning for countries outside the Netherlands are at the expense of the customer. After receiving the package in the Livv Lifestyle warehouse you will receive the entire invoice amount when returning the entire order, this includes shipping costs. If you decide to keep 3 of the 5 products, the shipping costs are the return and the shipping costs for the outward journey for the customer. Keep this in mind!


After filling in the return form, the parcel can be returned to the following adress:

Livv Lifestyle

Molwerk 25

1797SE Den Hoorn

The Netherlands



When it is a consumer purchase, consistent with the Dutch regulation of selling (7 : 5 Dutch Civil Code), customers have the right to return delivered products or parts of it without a reason.

The term of returning the products starts on the day the ordered products have been delivered. When a customer uses the right to revocation , he/she needs to inform Livv Lifestyle as soon as possible, at least within 14 days after reception of the package.

On the 14th day after the reception, the purchase is final.

The customer is accountable for the costs and the risks of returning the product. The returned products need to be in the original packaging and in unharmed condition.When the products have been used or damaged by the customer, the right of revocation expires.

Within 14 days after a good reception of the returned products the indepted sum will be payed back.

The forwarding-charges will not be refunded.


Complaints regulation

1.Livv Lifestyle has a well-publicized complaints procedure and handles the complaint in accordance with this complaints procedure.

2. Any defects must be reported immediately by email ([email protected]) no later than 48 hours after receipt of the package.

3. Complaints received by Livv Lifestyle will be answered within a period of 14 days from the date of receipt. If a complaint requires an unforeseeable longer processing time, Livv Lifestyle will respond within 14 days with a notice of receipt and an indication when the buyer can expect a more detailed answer.

4. If the complaint can not be resolved by mutual agreement, a dispute arises for which dispute resolution applies.

5. In case of complaints, the buyer must first turn to Livv Lifestyle. For complaints that can not be resolved by mutual agreement, the buyer can turn to Stichting Webwinkelkeur, which will mediate free of charge. In the unlikely event that a solution can not be found, the buyer can turn to Geschil Online with the complaint

The verdict of this Stichting Geschil Online is binding, both for Livv Lifestyle and the buyer agree with this binding agreement.

The submission of a dispute to this disputes committee involves costs that must be paid by the buyer to the relevant committee.

It is also possible to register the complaint via the European ODR platform

6. A complaint does not suspend the obligations of Livv Lifestyle, unless Livv Lifestyle states otherwise in writing.

7. If the complaint is found to be well-founded by Livv Lifestyle, Livv Lifestyle will at its option or replace the delivered products free of charge or repair.




Livv Lifestyle can never be obliged to pay damage restitution to the customer or others.

Livv Lifestyle can never be held accountable for the consequences of foreign object damage, indirect damage or loss of profits or earnings.

When Livv Lifestyle, for whatever reason, needs to restitute any damage, the sum can never be more than the sum equal to the invoice, concerning the product or service which caused the damage.

Livv Lifestyle cannot be held accountable for possible faults, innaccuracies, misunderstandings, delays or unclear orders and messages caused by the use of the Internet or any other electronic media in the communicatie between vendor and buyer.

It is possible Livv Lifestyle uses links to other websites on their website. These links are purely informative, Livv Lifestyle is not responsible for the content or the possibility of the use of the linked website.



The business client can never hold this entreprise accountable for any direct or indirect damage including damage to a third party, loss of profits or earnings, damage to employees of the business client and/or immaterial damage.



  1. Delivered products need to contain the features which can be expected by the customer in standard practice. This also concerns special practice when agreed on by both parties.

  2. Livv Lifestyle guarantees delivered products meet the requirements mentioned in the product description. When a delivery of an ordered product appears to be impossible, we will firmly try to make a replacement available, as long as it is reasonable.

  3. Livv Lifestyle can be held accountable for reasonably fullfilling the warranty of the delivery by the manufacturer. For our furniture the legal warranty of 1 year is appliccable when solely and tangibly used indoors and provided with a proof of purchase. Some furniture is suitable for outdoor use as well, but this will drastically influence the life expanse of the product . That is why Livv Lifestyle cannot give a warranty on furniture used outdoors.


When you place an order at Livv Lifestyle your personal data will be registered in our customer file and you will receive a news letter of Livv Lifestyle automatically. If you don’t want this you can sign out in reply to the first news letter.

Livv Lifestyle will obey the legislation of personal registration and therefor will not hand over your data to a third party (check our privacy policy).


Livv Lifestyle always has the right to reject or solely accept orders send cash on delivery or with payment in advance.

When Livv Lifestyle hasn’t received a prepayment after 5 days, it has the right to cancel the order on the 6th day.


Livv Lifestyle cannot be held accountable for the commitment with damages beyond their control.

Damages beyond control can be: strikes, fire, business breakdown, energy malfunction and delivering products too late caused by the manufacturer.

This can also mean a malfunction in the network or website connection.


It is forbidden to copy, publish or use Livv Lifestyle’s texts or images for other purposes without permission.