Clean up is tidy.


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Clean up is tidy. - First aid for a nicely cleaned house, the upholstery bags, toy collectors, wash baskets, wicker baskets, wire baskets at Livv in the assortment.

Storage, storage boxes, wicker baskets & wire baskets

You can never have enough storage and you do not want boring storage boxes, because the eye wants something too.


Storage baskets are indispensable in every household, because a person always has things seem too much. Things that you want to be able to quickly access, easily store yourself by hand in nice baskets. Tidy is neat, so you keep the rooms nice and clear and tidy.


You will find your favorite storage at Livv Lifestyle

At Livv Lifestyle you will find a whole range of handy storage such as: rattan / wicker baskets, toy storage, beautiful storage boxes, nice baskets and wire baskets. Because nobody likes a detonated house, a tidy home gives peace in your head.


Are you looking for beautiful baskets that match your interior style ? Take a look at the online offer of and shop your favorite storage.