Payment methods

At Livv Lifestyle we use different payment methods. All payment methods can be used free of charge.The customer can choose from:

- Ideal ( we use this method only in the Netherlands ),

- Bank transfer

- Pay Pal

- Visa

- Bancontact

- Maestro

- Mastercard

- Sofort banking


- Belfius Direct Net

- Klarna pay now

- Klarna pay later

- Klarna pay in 3 times, without interest


There are a number of advantages by paying with Credit Cards and Pay Pal:

1. You don't have to worry about the reliability of the party you settle with, because with a chargeback procedure you can easily reverse the payment if you did not show the purchase or if the other party, think of online stores or suppliers do not fulfill their obligations.

2. If you don't receive the order due to bankruptcy, fraud or theft, it is fairly easy to get the money back, or you can use the credit card insurance. Usually, purchases with a Credit Card are insured for free for the first few months.


Klarna - Pay Later

Livv Lifestyle has entered into a partnership with Klarna (when you use Klarna it costs nothing extra). The entire procedure runs through Klarna, Klarna first performs a data check, sometimes your request is not accepted and therefore not approved.

Livv Lifestyle has no control over this and it is therefore not possible to discuss this with Livv Lifestyle, you can contact Klarna for an explanation of this decision by telephone 020-8082853 or e-mail [email protected]

As soon as the order has been shipped by Livv Lifestyle, you as a customer will receive an invoice from Klarna by e-mail, which must be paid to Klarna within 14 days.