Wall lamps a musthave for the interior.


Wall lamps a musthave for the interior. - Take a look at the online lamps collection at Livv Lifestyle ☆in stock ☆quickly delivered ☆approval mark

Wall lights a must for home

Wall lights are an important part of a lighting scheme in the interior. First to determine where is the wall lamp suspended? Which function has the wall lamp, is it mainly for decorative purposes and ambient lighting, or does it go beyond that and must the wall lighting still meet several requirements?


For example, where does the light shine, up, down or both? Is the wall lamp also immediately referred to as reading lamp?.
In the hallway the wall lighting is for orientation, it's important to see where you walk, that you can easily find the hood and the doors that get out of the hallway, but in the living room that are often larger, the wall lamp has more Functions simultaneously and combines the wall lamp very well with a hanging lamp or standing lamp in its vicinity.



The eye wants something too

Looking for an eye catcher and especially a wall light look at Selletti's neon art wall lights once, you can buy this neon lighting by letter, giving your own turn and creating a word or text. Also unique and beautiful are the unique white metal alphabet lamps Vegaz van Selleti, these lamps can also be ordered by letter.