Cushions give a quick body to the interior


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Cushions give a quick body to the interior - Shop modern, tough and trendy cushions easily online at Livv Lifestyle ☆in stock ☆sharp prices ☆fast delivered ☆approval mark ☆good services

Cushions give a quick body to the interior

Cushions are available in different sizes and materials. If you need any extra color in your house, please cheer your sofa, chair or bed with beautifully colored cushions. Do you have more need for a beach house atmosphere a la boho chic then the Ibiza style cushions are all what you need, you're more a natural person than the botanical print cushions are a good choice.


Cushions can easily change

Often you can not easily change a sofa or a piece of furniture because of the larger amounts involved, it is so easy to change the cushions per season, or because you in something new and in a changing mood. This way, you can customize your cushions with the new trend colors every season. In a cheap way, you can quickly give a new look and feel to your living room, bedroom or kitchen.


We usually also offer only cushion cases at Livv Lifestyle, so you do not always have to buy new inner cushions. Let yourself be seduce and order your beautiful  cushions online at webshop



Linen is tough and nonchalant and busy with a comeback

Linen has made a real comeback over the last seasons. Due to the wrinkles and the vale colors in the solid fabric, it makes a cushion tough and nonchalant. Linen cushions often have a used look, so it's really a material that needs to fit with you. The linen cushion is just a chameleon and is very easy to adapt to different living styles, for example in an industrial interior, eclectic interior and a Scandinavian interior.