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Affari of Sweden

The beginning of Affari of Sweden

In 1998 3 gentlemen with the same passion met each other and soon plans arose to start a company together, called Affari of Sweden. The wish of the three was to offer special home accessories, just a little different and made of unique materials to the customer and also the price-quality level had to be right and in proportion.


Scandinavian interior and its features

The range started with handmade candles. But the company soon grew and today the range of the Scandinavian Affari of Sweden consists of everything needed to furnish homes and gardens.

Such as flower pots, lanterns, candlesticks, but also tablecloths, all with the Scandinavian looks in calm colors, clean lines and natural materials.


Color palette in basic colors

In a Scandinavian interior you will find an oasis of peace. Scandinavian living is all about less is more, the art of leave it out.

Peace, simplicity and functionality are the base for a Scandinavian atmosphere at home. Scandinavian furniture and home accessories often radiate this: minimalist, but beautiful in design, comfortable and of excellent quality.