Lovely textiles can be found in Livv Lifestyle's webshop


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Lovely textiles can be found in Livv Lifestyle's webshop - Woolen pillows, linen plaids, textiles give a warm and cozy feel to the interior.

Lovely textiles can be found in Livv Lifestyle's webshop

What is textile, how does it develop

Textile is literally already woven. Textile is a broad word for all materials that are created by knitting, weaving, knitting, braiding, spinning and felting etc.


Textile is important for the interior

What's actually not made of textile?. Too much to mention is made of textile and because we want to highlight the importance of textile, we even name a lot of textile products such as cushions, blankets, carpets, plaids, duvet covers and linens, curtains.



Textile the key to a fine acoustics at home

In the previous paragraphs we already indicated how important textile is at home. Because a rug not only makes it cozy in the house, it gives a trendy look, but also provides warm feets for winter and also has a very important practical function for acoustics at home. With decorative cushions, a carpet, a nice living quilt and curtains, you will avoid bubbles and an echo in your home and that's a very nice occurrence.


Textile creates a warm feel in the interior

But textiles also create a lot of cosiness and a cozy home, completely decorated to your taste. For example, you easily create a holiday atmosphere with beautiful cushions, wall hanging and carpet in Ibiza style or a colorful and cheerful house with colored plaids and a subdued décor with tons of tons colors. Homes to dream away like it's always a holiday.