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Urban Nature Culture

Urban Nature Culture a trend collection with a mix of cultures.

UNC was founded by Annemarie Hermans and stands for Urban Nature Culture and is a trend collection that incorporates a mix of cultures. The products of Urban Nature Culture Amsterdam have an urban look that also simultaneously bring nature into the home through botanic prints and patterns and through the use of recycled materials such as glass, bamboo, jute and cotton.


Urban Nature Culture uses contemporary prints from traditions from a long time ago. The carefully designed prints, drawings, patterns and shapes are inspired by natural elements and cultures all over the world. For example, the extremely popular bamboo tableware of UNC uses images of a sea hedgehog from 100 years before Christ.


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Everything for a beautifully laid table is present at Livv Lifestyle and you shop easily online in the Urban Nature Culture webshop, in addition to all the beautiful Urban Nature Culture tableware, UNC Amsterdam makes even more wannahaves, how about the cushions, plaids, tablecloths, tea towels, bamboo tableware, vases, rugs and all durable products. We work with certified companies and the inspection is done annually and Annemarie Hermans also enters the factories.


In addition, these home accessories must of course be practical for the consumer and it is therefore nice that these responsible manufactured products can be "just" in the dishwasher, oven and microwave. Today's consumer is someone who consciously deals with his money and thinks about his purchases well, they are very much aware of this at urbannatureculture.