Storefactory -


Storefactory is originally a Swedish company and takes its design inspiration from the clean lines of nature.


Because Madeleine & Mats are proud of the Swedish heritage, the products are designed by them or in collaboration with other Swedish designers.


Storefactory is known for making timeless accessories for every home, simple Swedish design with clean lines, sincere and pure. Inspired by nature, which evoke joy and warmth in everyone.


Storefactory was founded in 2015 and a lot of bestsellers have already been born. For example, the Lidatorp candlestick XL (available in different sizes) and Granholmen are very popular. These toppers are easy to mix in the interior due to the beautiful Scandinavian design and not to forget that these beautiful home accessories are also very nicely priced. Do you already have a beauty from Storefactory at home?