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House Doctor

House Doctor is a family-run interior company with its own showroom in Denmark with dealers all over the world.

The company is run by three spontaneous siblings -Rikke Juhl Jensen, Gitte Juhl Capel, and Klaus Juhl Pedersen. They all share a creative gene and believe in the fact that beautiful interiors enhance the passion for life.
The family trio runs a few years a Successful industrial design company. But ideas for new products ensure that there is prefixed to get started quickly and was born in 1999 House Doctor.

In the course of time there in the composition of the House Doctor family undergone quite a few chanches have added people with a passion for developing the brand. At its headquarters in Ikast in the middle of Jutland, works 35 explained meadows designers to keep track of current trends and designing new luxury interior accessories for the modern home.

House Doctor's products are designed in-house and sold through a growing network of distributors in most of Europe, New Zealand, Japan and other countries. House Doctor at them yourself to find the best suppliers from around the world for production. And so it is constantly ensured that the quality is never compromised.